The triangle is the strongest of all simple shapes and structures. Each side braces the two opposite sides, so they can’t move in relation to each other. From molecules in DNA to skyscrapers to space stations, man and nature rely on the triangle, because it’s difficult to topple.

That’s the principle of TriBalance – simple, stable support to empower you in all aspects of life. Yoga benefits people of all ages, all shapes and sizes, all walks of life, and all levels of ability. We create a safe, warm, friendly environment for you to stretch for new goals. Our instructors provide personalized guidance and support to discover deeper understanding of yourself and a more personal connection with the world around you.

TriBalance yoga will reduce your stress, expand your concentration, and improve your health. It will make you stronger in more ways than you expect. Just as the poses are only a fraction of the yoga practice, the classes are a fraction of what TriBalance can contribute to your life, and the instruction is a fraction of what we aim to give the community.


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    Individual. Community. World.

We can make you stronger.